About Laser

Who We Are

Over the last 35 years, Laser Electric has grown into a highly regarded electric solutions company with a passion for safety, quality service and excellent customer service. We were founded in 1987 by President and CFO Denise Hartnett and Vice President and General Manager Kevin Hartnett. This “power couple” has transformed Laser from a home project into a large operation of 20 office staff and over 100 certified technicians. 

With a culture focused on “Safety Above All” and unparalleled quality, our customers have come to rely on us for our expertise, talent, and diligent work. From preventative maintenance to green energy systems, we make it our business to know what’s best for all of our clients and find solutions that are tailored to their needs. 

“The Utmost Regard for Safety and Integrity”

Our goals as a company are to provide you with on-time service - delivered in the most professional way possible - with the utmost regard for safety and integrity, and to meet or exceed your expectations on every project we do. Our desire is that you would want to do business with us because there is no other choice when you look for the best quality and service you expect every day.

Denise Harnett

We’re your electrical service & energy solution experts.

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