Lilly Biotech Center Bldg 2 | San Diego, CA

Located in the heart of La Jolla among other biotech giants, Eli Lilly decided to greatly expand its research center to strengthen its already deep collaborations with UCSD and the region’s biomedical institutes. Its local workforce has grown to 330 from 200, mostly through the addition of scientists who work on autoimmune disorders and other afflictions.

Key Success Factors:

The project involved providing the Phoenix Fume Hood Controls installation for Newmatic Engineering on 156 supply valves, 170 general exhaust valves, and 89 fume hoods. Newmatic Engineering has been a great partner throughout the many years and as a team this is just one of many successful projects we have completed with them on a tight timeline.

Project Type:

Expansion & Upgrade

Contractor / Customer:

DPR Construction | Newmatic Engineering


Eli Lilly

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