Illumina Manufacturing Plant - Building 6 | San Diego, CA

Illumina is the highest valued biotech company in San Diego.  Expanding and upgrading Building 6 enlarged its manufacturing operations, to make supplies for its array of DNA sequencing devices.  The expansion enabled Illumina to add about 300 manufacturing employees.

Key Success Factors:

The project involved providing the HVAC controls installation for Siemens Industries on multiple Air Handling Units, approximately 200 VAV boxes, strobic exhaust fans, boilers and pumps.  The client had an extremely demanding schedule with a cramped jobsite; multiple trades were working in the same areas.  Our highly trained and efficient technicians were able to put out a high quality project, on time, within budget and had zero safety incidents. Another job well done!

Project Type:

Expansion & Upgrade

Contractor / Customer:

BNB Builders | Siemens



Project Photos