Los Alamitos Auxiliary CNG Yard | Los Alamitos, CA

This project involved 2 new buildings, 4 remodeled buildings, and a new Compressed Natural Gas Facility. It required highly skilled and trained electricians to understand and properly install the electrical systems and equipment, due to the volatile nature of the Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Facility.

Key Success Factors:

This project was a success due to the planning and coordination with the school district, local utilities, and other 3rd party trades. In addition, planning for long lead times on procurement items and receiving them in a timely manner kept the project moving forward. Our field team had great support from upper management, and our employees were diligent and professional in their craft.

Project Type:

Auxiliary Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Yard

Contractor / Customer:

West Coast Air Conditioning, Inc.


Los Alamitos Unified School District

Project Photos